Split Ticketing is perfectly legal and is allowed by the National Conditions of Travel
under which all train operating companies on the national rail network do business.

The only condition when using split train tickets is that the train you take must stop at all the places you have bought tickets for and not just pass through them. You do not have to leave the train and get back on it in between the start and end of your journey.

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

The National Conditions of Travel clearly state that you may use more than one ticket to complete the train journey provided that "the train you are in calls at a station where you change from one ticket to another" and this means that split ticketing is allowed and legal. The following extract from section 19 of the National Conditions of Travel could not be any clearer:-

19. Using a combination of tickets

You may use two or more tickets for one journey as long as together they cover the entire journey and one of the following applies:

(a) they are both Zonal Tickets unless special conditions prohibit their use in this way. The Ticket Seller will, if you ask, advise you whether you can use a Zonal Ticket in combination with another ticket.
(b) the train you are in calls at a station where you change from one ticket to another;
(c) one of the tickets is a Season Ticket (which for this purpose does not include Season Tickets or travel passes issued on behalf of a passenger transport executive or local authority) or a leisure travel pass, and the other ticket(s) is/ are not.

Additionally, in the event of delays or missing connections split train tickets give you the same rights as more expensive through tickets allowing you to take the next appropriate train if any of your tickets are Advance tickets and provided that you were on time for your first train.

For additional information and to confirm this information refer to section 19 of the National Rail Conditions of Travel that you may view here.

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