The Official Guide To Money Saving Split Train Ticket Savings on East Coast Trains

How To Save Money By Splitting East Coast Trains Tickets and Booking Online

SplitTicketing.com is dedicated to helping you save money on East Coast Trains train tickets no matter when and where you want travel on the East Coast Trains National Rail network.

East Coast runs fast and frequent train services from London Kings Cross to Peterborough, Doncaster, Leeds, York, Darlington, Durham, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen, with some services also to Glasgow, Inverness (via Stirling, Perth and Aviemore), Bradford, Skipton, Harrogate and Hull. The core route from London to Edinburgh is known as the East Coast Main Line (ECML)

Trains run at up to 125mph on much of the ECML, and all trains carry first and standard class accommodation and a buffet (on some services, restaurant). There's plenty of space for luggage at the ends of each coach, above seats and between seats.

In addition to any saving you may already enjoy by purchasing your East Coast Trains train tickets online, you could be pleasantly surprised at how much more money you could save by splitting your train tickets.

The Official Guide To Money Saving Split Train Tickets on East Coast Trains
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Save an average of 47% when you split your train tick at www.splitticketing.com

is dedicated to helping you save money on East Coast Trains tickets.

Use the East Coast Trains split train ticket search and booking engine below and you could be pleasantly surprised with the split ticket savings you'll enjoy in addition to what you already save by purchasing your East Coast Trains train tickets online, even if you book on the day of departure!

The split train tickets options will be valid on the same East Coast train route that you select and at the times you have chosen, the only difference is that by splitting your train tickets you could pay a lot less for exactly the same journey!

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

SplitTicketing.com works by automatically finding all available money saving split train ticket options on your East Coast train route by searching through the entire East Coast train fares database until it finds you the cheapest permutation of East Coast train ticket options it can for Advance and Flexible train tickets, in both First and Standard Class, on the rail route and at the travel times that you specify.SplitTicketing.com is free to use but if our method finds you cheaper East Coast train tickets by splitting than you would have got without splitting, we will charge you a fixed fee of 15% of the SAVING we have made for you. If we can't find you any saving we won't charge you a fee for using our service, but you can still book your East Coast train tickets online through us.

Split Train Tickets are legal and in terms of section 19(b) of The National Rail Conditions of Travel, under which East Coast trains trade, their use is clearly allowed. For more information please use the links in the menu bar below to access our detailed Split Ticket information pages.

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